The Various Types of Satellite Antennas

The Various Types of Satellite AntennasSatellite antennas have a number of uses including in the military, telecommunications, public security, finance, broadcasting, energy resources, and so on. Even for the everyday person, people use them at home to view TV and listen to the radio. While all these antennas may look similar, the fact is, they are different. Let’s take a look at a few different types:

Motorized antenna

This antenna uses a motor to rotate in different directions. Most units are controlled with a remote. This lets them pick up various stations. They are usually larger than most satellites. They’re recommended for people short on space.

Prime feed satellites

This is a common unit found in most homes. It is a parabolic dish which has a diameter of 1.4 meters and comes with an LNC mounted on the center. Even though it may look beautiful, it doesn’t receive many signals. This is due to the LNC which blocks a lot of signals.

Stationary satellites

This unit does not have a motor which means you need to physically rotate it to face the direction you want it to. They come in various sizes, and the larger dishes pick up more signals too. Since they are stationary, they can pick up most signals which are located close to each other.

Offset antenna

The LNC here is on the side of the dish. It does not interfere with the signal, but it picks a number of signals. The quality is also high. They are smaller as compared to prime feed satellites.

Flat antenna

This is the most compact antenna type with the LNC being inside the dish. The location of the LNC means the units are great for people who are living towards the center of the footprint area.


So these are the types of satellite antennas which are available today.


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