Cable TV vs. Satellite TV

Cable TV vs. Satellite TVWhen it comes to television technologies, it is a difficult decision for an individual to make as it mostly relies on personal choices at the end of the day. Let’s take a look at two different options to gauge their worth.


Cable TV is much more expensive than satellite TV. The reason for this is because they need to pay area fees and various other taxes. Also, cable TV is becoming more and more expensive as time goes by while satellite TV is getting cheaper.


With a cable TV connection, you get a cable box and a receiver. With satellite TV, you get a dish and a receiver. In both cases, you require receivers for all TV connections in your house. The cost of these receivers varies greatly from service to service.


DVR’s let you record shows so you can watch them later. Apart from recording your favourite shows, you can also rewind, pause, and fast-forward television programs as per your convenience. With a DVR you can also record multiple shows at the same time while watching something else. On cable TV, you can probably record one or two shows at the most. But on satellite TV, you can record five or even six at a time.


Both the services need an installation procedures which are usually free of cost, or at times they are inclusive in the miscellaneous cost. However, make sure to get the installations done by a professional, or later on it can be a hassle for you.


Cable television outages are around 3-5% depending on which service you choose while satellite TV outages are less than 1%. That’s something worth considering, wouldn’t you say?


It’s clear, that on a weighing scale satellite television is clearly winning. However, in the end, it’s your decision to make.


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