About Us and Geamericom.com

Geamericom.com was launched with the purpose of sharing knowledge and information on the world of satellite and radio networks. On this website, you can read about how satellite and cable TV was founded, how the masses chose to respond to these two different but equally life changing technologies, and what the future holds for the consumers.

The cable TV took the world by storm as all that news, entertainment and information was provided from single squared shape box. However, there were limitation to the box as it wasn’t portable and since there was no Internet (commercial) back in the days, options were limited. Not to mention the lack of technology that companies had at their disposal, and it meant that the arrival of satellite TV was soon imminent.

Satellite came and conquered the world. It changed the way people watched television and shows. Everything was mobile now as people were now allowed to install satellite TV in their television. It offered better picture quality and several entertainment options.

Geamericom.com will cover the journey of cable TV and satellite TV like no other website has ever done before. Geamericom.com will not only cover past events and technological breakthroughs, it will also cover pros and cons of different types of television technologies, which one should you get installed at your place, and why.

There are more than one company that is currently providing these services, and Geamericom.com will cover each and every one of them to find out which one is the best choice for you.


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